05 June 2016

Malaysia - Fake Samiyars

In Malaysia we have approximately 100,000 temples to cater approximately 1.5 million Hindus. You may ask why 100,000 temples just for 1.5 million people...

It is because it is a rule here in Malaysia to build a temple outside a house... inside a house... inside a study room... beside a drainage... opposite a bus stop... nearby Tesco and Jaya Jesco super markets... deep inside jungles... beside waterfalls... beside fish ponds... top on the mountain hills and also beside every big tree that can be seen at nearby trunk roads or just next to PLUS highway... 

According to SRM (Survey Research Malaysia) there are approximately 100,000 smaller and big temples in West Malaysia alone. Sarawak and Sabah excluded. Anytime you can visit any of these shrines and at any given moment one samiyar man will be there. Sometimes it depends also on your luck. He will download the God into his body and he will start to help you to solve all your problems. Name a problem and he will solve it.

You would have seen these type of men in smaller temples... where someone gets in trance... have a few bottles of beer usually black stout and starts smoking thick Indian cigars. After that those people around will usually take turn to share their problems with the samiyar in return of some fees.

It is amazing the list of the problems that these samiyars can solve... basically everything and anything. Some of the major problems and services that samiyars offer:

1. Financial problems
2. To stop husband having affairs around
3. Bad SPM results
4. Marriages cum divorces
5. Kidney stone removals
6. Lesen sudah mati
7. Insurance tada bayar
8. Install Windows 7
9. Samsung Galaxy screen hanging
10. Facebook password hacked
11. YES wifi not working
12. Whatsapp not responding
13. Stomach pain after taking Old Town Coffee House laksa
14. Thai hot fried rice habis mati

And the list goes on and on and on. No stoppages. People flock in to see these types of Gurujis from all over the country... just because he or she is a one stop solution.

Most of this people go to these kind of temples when they face financial problems. The temple shrines itself will usually be in dying conditions... with a few aluminiums taken from a nearby besi buruk used as the roof. How can someone who is actually surviving on daily basis offer you advice about your finance or predict your wealth... Utterly ridiculous isn’t it...

Let me ask you... If you bring your daughter or your son to these kind of places and make them bow in front of these mere humans possessed by spirits... how will they ever respect God or a genuine Guru? Young kids being brought to these places where goats and chickens are sacrificed in the name of God... How do you can expect the children to grow up with compassion and love... What would they think of the God that they are praying which demands blood sacrifice...

Gu... means darkness. Ru... means one who removes darkness or gives light. Gu and Ru together... Guru. It means one who removes evil and guides you to the right path. But there are just too many fake Gurus nowadays who are doing exactly the opposite... swaying you out of the right path and putting you into darkness.

People who are looking to gain quick benefits out of your misery can never be Gurus. People who are showing you some stupid magics in order to rip off some of your money will never be able to guide you out of your troubles.I will always say and my message is this:

“Stop trusting these fake Samiyars who get possessed and try to predict your future. The essence of living a good life is believing in yourself and trusting God when you are in happy or at hard times.” Trust in God. Dont trust cheap samiyars.

Do not trust fake Samiyars and do not have the habit of seeking blessings from them. They too are human beings like others and they should not be given the status of God.

It is difficult to distinguish the genuine Gurus from fake ones nowadays. If you are not sure which Gurus to follow... Do not worry... place your faith in God. Trust in God.

You may feel that this article is written sarcastically... Please do not be offended. Thousand apologies.