02 September 2016

Pasupathy Sithamparam

Pasupathy Sithamparam, born in Batu Arang, received his early education in Batu Arang Tamil School. He furthered his studies in chemical engineering at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia under a Public Services Department scholarship.

Upon graduating in 1983 he started working with the income tax department and in 1987 set off to UK to study law.

Coming from a poor family, he was well aware of the difficulties faced by youths from poor background and thus helping others has become an innate character of Pasupathy.

Pasupathy has learned how an empowering environment can make the difference. He recalls how his parents, teachers and those he knew helped to transform his life for the better.

"Poverty can make you a criminal or a successful person depending the environment that you are in. I was in the empowering environment," he said.

He has been instrumental in drawing attention of the community, social institutions and the government to critical issues faced by the community.

He is committed in improving the standards of Indian students in primary schools and is the president of the Education, Welfare and Research Foundation (EWRF), an organisation that promotes education and the mother tongue through various programmes.

Pasupathy is also one of the trustees for the World Tamil Relief Fund that assists and provides support for the Tamil community all over the world in times of calamities or war.

He is a lawyer in practice since 1990. He has been active in various social organizations; President of Educational Welfare Research Foundation (EWRF) for the period 2006-2010, Founder Member and President of Tamil Foundation.


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